martedì 29 ottobre 2013

Welcome in "Cufflinks made in Italy"

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LeCuff is an ITALIAN company that produces and sells a wide selection of CUFFLINKS and TIE CLIPS: gold, steel, enamelled, with rhinestones and personalized (engraving and color printing resin).

In this blog we will talk about fashion and elegance.
The Italian style in clothing is a guarantee of quality and design, and you can find these assumptions in our catalog of cufflinks for men.

Check back soon on our blog to find out the latest news and insights from the world of fashion.
Meanwhile, browse our catalog online at 

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See you soon...
Mirko Rossi
LeCuff, cufflinks and tie clips made in Italy
Online store for Europe & North America:

via Veneto, 92 - MILAN, ITALY

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